What Is A Separation Agreement?

The two issues that most often concern people contemplating a divorce are: how long the process will take, and the impact the divorce will have on their personal finances. One way to speed up the divorce process and reduce the financial costs is through a separation agreement.

A separation agreement allows married couples, without children, to be recognized as separated in a shorter period of time than they would wait to finalize a divorce. Many couples still divorce after a separation agreement is in place, but this agreement lets couples live separately and make decisions about how assets will be divided and whether one spouse will receive spousal support.

Should A Lawyer Review Your Agreement?

Yes. Like any other legal contract, you will benefit greatly from having an experienced family law attorney review your final agreement. Even if your agreement seems simple to you, you want someone knowledgeable about Virginia separation laws to ensure your interests are protected.

We can help you decide if a separation agreement is best for you, or if it would better serve you to contest your divorce in court. Do not risk signing off on something that could impact your entire future without getting legal advice first.

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